In this series of photographs I’ve taken of the raging sea battering against the edge of a cliff, you will not only witness the transitions, change, and the passing of time but the effect of it.

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Nothing is so transient than food… From the seeds to the fields to the supermarkets to our homes and tables and long after that. Its ever changing qualities and forms have sustained us through the years in countless different ways. No wonder that they say that food industry will never be bankrupt as long as we live.


This is what happens when I am overly focus












I already told you I am a bit of an OCD. I believe in harmony when it comes to space and design. People told me my place looks like a showroom rather than lived-in. Visitors who comes over my threshold for the first time always say the same thing: “It looks like nobody lives here!” But that’s me. There is a proper place for everything. I can’t sleep if there is still a cup lounging on the counter top. I can’t stand glasses on the coffee table. I can’t understand why is such a difficult task to put things away before going to bed instead of leaving them scattered around. Little things amount to one big thing which can easily give birth to more bigger things which can lead to chaos and disorder if left unattended. I have an eye for details (that’s my job) I can easily see if for example a vase had been moved a few millimeters from its original place. I cannot stand disarray. I know in art all sorts of disarrangement form a cohesive pattern. That I could understand. But not when it doesn’t make sense and not pleasing to the eye. To give you an example of how I live. Let me show you my two houses…

My country house…


bedrooms 1024


bureau kitchen2

My Suburban House…
Now, You know.