These are photo collection of things I’ve never seen in my life before and I bet others have rarely set eyes upon. All from this year.

I always wonder what those little cranes on top of barges are for. Now I know.


I saw these strange skies while driving. All in one day.


How about this fella… Found this outside my front gate. I can’t decide if it’s a butterfly or a moth.


And this one looks like a cricket to me. A cricket with a twist. He’s huge.


What kind of chicks are these? From what bird? Found it when trimming an over grown top heavy tree in my back garden.


A terrifying sight. He looks quite scary too. Not at all holy. Gives me creeps.


A weird looking flower. Or a fruit?


No, it was not taken during Fall. I took the shots the other day for just that reason. The evening sun slanting across the top of the tress when reflected on the water looks exactly like autumn foliage. And the ducks are added bonus.


Finally, I double rainbow and a complete circle it was. Pity could not take the whole image.


Have a nice weekend!


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