Water horizontally


Water vertically



12 thoughts on “Water

  1. hermitiancat says:

    I think that in the vertical shot, the bridge is framed better.

    In the horizontal shot, the bridge and the path on the side seem to be competing for attention a little bit.

    Both shots are lovely. Looks like a great place to go for a walk.


      • KathleenBDuncan says:

        Yesterday’s assignment was difficult for some reason. But your shots will help me with this one. Maybe I need to wait to see what others do – learn from the group – before heading out to shoot.

        Thanks for posting your beautiful shots and helping this classmate.


      • impossiblebebong says:

        We are here to support, share and learn from each other. Have fun shooting. I know you can do it. Just trust your instinct, it will take you there. Let me know when you have done the homework. I’d like to see them.


  2. Veera says:

    Lovely pictures! Usually I like horizontal pictures but this time the vertical gets my vote. I should try to remember to take also vertical pics, not always just horizontal! 🙂


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